Good Friends, a Clean Ride, a road in front of you, 
and nothing but time after the Cruise
 to share stories, camaraderie and talk about the next cruise.

New Events continue to be added to the EVENT CALENDAR!
Please check it Frequently!

The new  Outlaw Forum  continues to GROW.  I have upgraded this Forum to a GOLD account to eliminate all the advertising for you.  I also had this forum recently moved to a much faster server.  This should provide a faster response time for pages loading.  Please take time to visit this new Outlaw Forum and register so we can share our ideas and news with each other.  Post on it and let me know if you like it or not!  Thanks, Cappy

Welcome Outlaw Cruisers!
My name is Jerry "Cappy" Sczubelek  Although Delaware is a small state, I expect large amounts of FUN! with our new Pt Cruisers and the camaraderie this car will provide!

  What is the Lone Wolf Outlaw Cruiser Club?:
It is a club for anyone who has a passion for the Chrysler PT Cruiser and wants to be around others with the same feelings.  There are NO dues, NO meetings, NO rules!  Just a bunch of people who wish to participate in Cruises and Car Shows and enjoy the camaraderie of fellow PT Cruiser enthusiasts. 

Pt Cruiser Event Calendar

You will find a link on the left to the 2011 Calendar.  It is a calendar that I can configure easily and put all the information about Car Shows, Car Cruises at your finger tips for the whole year.  You can go from month to month to see in advance what events are planned or available to you.

Join the Lone Wolf Outlaw Cruisers Club 

Want to join the Lone Wolf Outlaw Cruisers and receive updates of Car Shows and Club Cruises?

One of our members recently won the jackpot at a free online casino slot machine and we are all invited in Las Vegas for a party to celebrate his luck, with plenty of food, drinks and friends until the middle of the night.

Why NOT? the Membership is FREE

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Who should join????
Anyone who shares in the admiration of this most INCREDIBLE, COOL, RETRO Vehicle,
and Car of the Year for 2001
Chrysler Pt Cruiser!!!
And wants to interact with others with the same interests!
You don't have to own a Pt Cruiser to LOVE them!!! or Join this Club.

Happy Cruisin'!

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