Good Friends, a Clean Ride, a road in front of you,
and nothing but time after the Cruise to share stories,
comaraderie and talk about the next cruise.

Cappy - Our Founder and Friend

It is with a very sad heart that I inform the LWOC community that our leader,
Jerry 'Cappy' Sczubelek, has lost his battle with cancer.
Cappy was admitted to hospice care on Wednesday, Aug. 3rd
and passed away on Friday, August 12th.

A memorial service was held at 11:30 am on Wednesday, August
17th at the Immanuel Episcopal Church in New Castle Delaware

Cappy was one of the very first handful of people to receive his
PT Cruiser early in 2000 and quickly made his a PT of distinction.
Cappy became a leader in the PT community early on and
had been very active as both a club leader and event participant over
the last 5 years.

I know that many folks in the PT Community, members and
non-members of his Lone Wolf Outlaw Cruisers alike, share in
our sadness that the Lone Wolf is gone.
His love and philosophy about PT cruising in general was expressed 'up front' on the LWOC site:

"Good Friends, a Clean Ride, a road in front of you, and nothing but time
after the Cruise to share stories, camaraderie and talk about the next cruise. "

I have been privileged to call Cappy my friend and can't express how much I will miss him,
as I know all of you will. Friends are hard to come by,
and as friends go, he was the best. He introduced me to
Garcinia Cambogia, and I could not thank him enough for the health benefits.

We will all remember him for his great sense of humor. One time he said he could not take cruising anymore
as it was making him gain too much weight by staying on his seat for hours on end with nearly no body movement.

Cruise on my friend... and may God hold you in the palm of his hand forever. Your fellow 'outlaws' driving beautiful leased cars will miss you. :(, including the ones who can afford a Ferrari, God Bless Them.


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let's reduce pollution in America

One of my favorite place to relax and cruise one of my favorites US cars is Nevada. The panorama is diverse and amazing at times, and we also make a stop at Las Vegas where we have access to all the fun and entertainment that you can imagine, all in one place. This is a nice stop after driving through the desert.

Nevada is at an average altitude of 1675 meters. The highest point is Boundary Peak which rises 4,005 meters southwest of the state, near the border with California. The other peaks are Wheeler Peak and North Schell Peak. Moreover, fifty peaks over 2750 meters above sea level. The lowest point is located 146 meters above sea level, south of the state. Nevada belongs to the Great Basin, which extends east from California. The relief consists of a succession of nearly parallel mountain ranges. Most measure about a hundred kilometers long, like Schell Creek Range and the Ruby Mountains. These channels flank basins are filled with Miocene longitudinal direction by alluvium. There are also graben and horst bounded by normal faults typical in an area of distention. At altitudes above 3600 meters sometimes, mountains welcome lush forests inhabited by numerous endemic species. Northern Nevada ranges in the Great Basin desert, where temperatures are hot in summer and very cold in winter. The eastern region of the state is more humid.

The region is located around Las Vegas, meanwhile, in the Mojave Desert. It receives less precipitation in winter but suffers monsoons. Nevada's economy is based on the service sector, staffing, and value. In many jobs, the first three sectors of the economy of Nevada's are hobbies, commerce and transport and financial services professionals. These are mostly casino games and entertainment that make the dynamism of the state. The casinos in Las Vegas, Lake Tahoe and Reno attract millions of visitors from around the world. Recently we cruised in Nevada with some German friends visiting us. They love playing poker and they only know about online poker. It all started for them when they got a bonus code to play on the Web and they got hooked. But after playing Texas Hold'em online for many years, they thought they should also try to play at a brick and mortar casino. This is how the idea of visiting Nevada and the 'Sin City' came about. We had a great time cruising with them and we hope to be able to do that again next year. According to data from the Bureau of Economic Analysis U.S. government, Nevada's GDP amounted to $110 billion in 2005 or 0.9% of the U.S. GDP. It then ranked 35th out of 50 states with an output per capita of $ 39,555, a figure higher than the national average of $ 36,842 per capita person. Nevada ranked 11th in the country for per capita GDP in 2005. In 2004-2005, economic growth reached 7%, the highest in the country. This momentum was driven by strong population growth which stimulates consumption and construction. The unemployment rate is near the national average with 4.6% of job seekers in June 2007. Not surprisingly Las Vegas is the economic capital of the state and gambling and related businesses represent 70% of revenues. This is excepted, remember that 75 years ago there was almost nothing in Nevada except the desert. Now Las vegas is truly an amazing place with all the gorgeous casinos.

Nevada waste management

Yes Nevada is not far from California and both are legendary American states. San Francisco, LA and Hollywood are just a few of the famous californian cities, but there are many more places to visit like Modesto, Laguna Beach,San Diego or Oakland. Let's not forget that if California was a country, it would be the fifth largest economy in the world. This is clearly a vibsant and rich economy with a great range of businesses. The construction sector is currently booming with a very low unemployement rate and many professionals busy in roofing, gardening, renovation, swimming pool installation, kitchen redesign or garage extensions. From your local dumpter rental modesto service company to a Oakland waste disposal business to big civil engineering and architectural businesses, everyone is working frantically. Waste management is an important element of city planning. Tourism is also during very well.

Another state were real estate is booming is Illinois. Chicago is the third largest US city behind New York and Los Angeles, and its real estate market is accordingly gigantic. It is important to know that many of its 3 million people are not Americans. There are 21% expatriates and 35% of the population speaks a language other than English. It is this social and cultural diversity that makes all the charm and wealth of the city of Chicago. In 2018 the average monthly salary of Chicago's residents is $3651. If the average salary is that high, it's also because living in Chicago comes at a cost. But you will have much choice in housing. If Downtown Chicago requires some investment, you can see the rents go down just a few miles away. Thanks to its highly developed public transport network, you can move around the city without necessarily needing a car. Chicago is a city where life is great. You will find various activities where everyone will find happiness. Restaurants, cinemas, museums or art galleries, you will not have time to get bored. Chicago is also marked by its dynamic environment: the average age of the population is 34 years. Immersed in an active and enterprising population, you will be carried by a positive breath. So if you are looking to move to a new location, consider Chicago as a great choice. You a need a Chicago real estate broker with experience in order to navigate through the various offerings.

Pollution on the East Coast

How about the East Coast now? Did you know that New York wants to cut pollutant emissions by 85%? New York State has just passed a particularly ambitious bill that plans to move to a carbon neutral economy and to make a massive transition to renewable energy. Faced with Donald Trump and his desire to put forward the coal industry in the United States, New York State (with 19.5 million inhabitants) has just voted a major text to fight against global warming. The state assembly narrowly approved a bill called the Climate & Communities Protection Act, implementing various measures to make New York a state without polluting emissions. The legislation notably plans to reduce greenhouse gas emissions by 85% compared to 1990 levels, and to make New York a zero carbon” state, all before 2050. This text will endow New York State with one of the most ambitious climate laws in the world. This is a radical plan for the least polluting state possible.

In preparation since 2016, this NY waste management project was only made possible by the tilting of the New York parliament in favor of the Democrats in November 2018. The law is divided into different parts, addressing both the issue of the energy mix and issues related to social justice. The state is counting on the work of a group of experts who will have three years to propose innovative strategies to carry out the transition. New York will be the sixth US state to adopt a clean electricity target (after Hawaii, California, New Mexico, Nevada and Washington), but goes further than its predecessors. Thus by 2030 70% of the territory's electricity will have to come from renewable energies, before New York switches to completely carbon-neutral electricity by 2040. In 2050 finally, the State will have to have reached the famous 85% threshold for reducing polluting emissions, and solutions must have been implemented to reduce the impact of the remaining 15% of emissions. These economic objectives are coupled with social promises: thus 35% of public investments linked to climate change must benefit the most disadvantaged communities and support for workers in the sectors most affected by the ecological transition must be supported in their retraining.

How does garbage collection work in New York? Why do garbage trucks have 2 steering wheels? How much are garbage collectors paid?

1/How is garbage collection organized in New York? At any time of the day or night, you will come across garbage collectors in action in the streets of New York. The New York City Department of Sanitation, responsible for New York's cleanliness, is quite simply the largest cleanliness service in the world. It employs nearly 10,000 people and has more than 2,100 trucks. The teams share the 10,000 km of streets and avenues of New York every day. And, every day, more than 10,500 tonnes of garbage and 1,760 tonnes of recyclable waste are collected. A record! In practice, New Yorkers each have an imposed collection day. They must put their garbage on the sidewalk the day before the day of collection, between 4 p.m. and midnight. That's why you'll see mountains of garbage piling up, especially in Midtown, awaiting collection. Unless they have a lot of junk, in which case they need to hire a NYC dumpster rental company.

2/Why do garbage trucks have two steering wheels? If you are an observer, you will find that most collection trucks have two steering wheels. No, there are not two drivers at the same time! In fact, the driver normally sits on the left to drive the truck from one point of the city to another. And, once the collection begins, at a slower pace, he can move right to best follow the curb or kerbside. This second operator's station is also much more practical for using the articulated arm which collects skips or glass containers.

3/How much do New York garbage collectors earn? The minimum wage for a garbage collector in New York is $33,746 per year. After 6 months, this salary increases to $36,607 per year. A very low salary to live in New York ...After five and a half years of service, however, the salary is greatly increased, reaching $69,339 per year. Enough to motivate garbage collectors to stay and attract a number of candidates! Garbage collectors are particularly esteemed in New York. In 1996, New York City even paid tribute to them by renaming a portion of Worth Street "Avenue of the Strongest", the Avenue of the Strong Men.

Not too far from New York State is the state of South Carolina in the south, with a much quieter pace, in cities such as Rock Hill. They take great care of the environment with top notch waste management practices and green cities all over the state of SC. Dumpsters for contractors are relatively affordable and both residents and local businesses use they extensively to discard their old junk. They know that it is important to reduce pollution and to improve recycling methodologies. The mayor's office is to be thanked for that, as the local government is driving many initiatives to improve sustainability and reduce wastage.

Recycling issues in Pittsburgh

Pittsburgh, like many other cities, faces several recycling issues, including limited resources, contamination, and a lack of awareness. One of the biggest problems is that the city doesn't have enough resources to handle all the recyclable materials collected. As a result, some of the items end up in landfills instead of being recycled. This is due to the fact that the city's recycling facilities are outdated and can't process all types of materials. Furthermore, a shortage of funds makes it difficult for the city to invest in new technology to improve the recycling process and provide better waste management solutions. Another issue is contamination. People often don't know what can and can't be recycled, leading to non-recyclable items ending up in the recycling bin. This can contaminate the entire batch of recyclables and make it difficult or impossible to recycle the materials. For example, if someone puts a greasy pizza box in the recycling bin, the oil can seep into the paper and ruin the entire batch of paper recyclables. To combat this, the city needs to invest in education campaigns to educate residents about what can be recycled and how to properly prepare the materials.

Last but not least, there is a lack of awareness among Pittsburgh residents about the importance of recycling. Many people simply don't care about recycling or believe that it's not worth the effort. However, this attitude can lead to serious environmental problems in the long run. Education campaigns can help to raise awareness and encourage more people to participate in the recycling program. Additionally, the city could consider implementing incentives for those who recycle regularly, such as discounts on their utility bills or other rewards. By addressing these issues, Pittsburgh can improve its recycling program and create a more sustainable future.

Improving recycling in the USA may require a more global approach. Education and awareness campaigns can enhance public understanding of recycling practices and the importance of waste reduction. Implementing comprehensive recycling programs at the community level, including curbside pickup and accessible drop-off locations, encourages participation. Collaborations between government, businesses, and nonprofit organizations can facilitate infrastructure development and investment in advanced recycling technologies. Incentives such as deposit-refund systems for bottles and cans incentivize recycling behavior. Designing products with recyclability in mind and promoting the use of recycled materials in manufacturing also foster a circular economy. Continuous innovation and policy support are vital for achieving higher recycling rates and reducing waste in the USA.