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Options available to buy a car

How to buy a vehicle leasing or leasing?

Buying a car is good, but the rent option may be a better deal to suit your needs. But be careful, leasing a vehicule is to be taken as a real project: this is actually a subcontracting purchase of your car. Leasing opens different rights and duties, which are a good alternative for drivers. Don't be afraid, buying a car under a lease can be a winning situation financially for you. It is nothing complicated like binary options where you may require the help of a reputable options dealer like optionsclick before getting started. On the contrary getting a lease is quite simple, but this is an option you should consider.

Steps to follow to buy a vehicle leasing

What is leasing? With leasing you can have a new car every two or three years. It takes the form of a lease, generally associated with a significant down payment. Under the contract, the tenant has the option, to renew his vehicle without further contribution or to redeem it for its residual value.

This transaction is based on the signing of a contract. Before signing, you should be mindful of the rental price, risks not covered by the insurance included in the contract, guarantees and services offered and the conditions of recovery of the vehicle and possible penalties for interrupting the contract.

Documents required to buy a vehicle leasing

The conditions to subscribe to a lease based on the foundations of a loan application standard. The following must be provided:

  • Your last three payslips,
  • Proof of residence,
  • Your last tax assessment,
  • Certificate of insurance for all risks,
  • Certificate of the insurer,
  • Deposit of 3 months rent,
  • Personal guarantee,
  • Photocopy license,
  • Photocopy of identity card,
  • Debit authorization,

Features of a leased vehicle purchase

The term of the lease extends generally between 24 and 72 months for a monthly rent. The monthly fixed amount depends on the price of the new car but also the duration of the contract, the annual mileage, the existence and importance of the initial contribution that serves as security deposit. Tthere are also rentals with a purchase option without initial input.

The lessee of the vehicle is not the owner, but he uses it as freely as if it were within the expected mileage in the contract, or he may face penalties. The tenant's name appears on the registration card as driver.

How to end such a car lease?

At the end of the contract, the tenant has the option to buy the car at a price agreed in advance by contract (cash value). After the redemption procedures, it is appropriate to establish the registration in your name. For that, go to the official office equipped with:

  • The application for registration,
  • The certificate of transfer issued by the leasing company,
  • The gray card (neither signed nor barred),
  • Minutes technical control valid (only for vehicles over 4 years),
  • Proof of identity.

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