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Below are some pictures of the custom wood consoles that Chuck Bowman creates. The first one is in a lighter wood is from a sample on his web site. The darker one is made from Back Walnut and sits inside Cappy's Cruiser. This was quite a find!! The quality of the woodworking is exquisite. No one will ever have one just like mine. That is the beauty of having it hand crafted. The cost was indeed a bargain for this high level of craftsmanship. $100.00 plus shipping. Thanks Chuck.... I'll enjoy this console for many years to come!!

Cappy's new Motegi wheels are 17" X 7" The Wheels Listed at Sears for $899.96. I had to buy a Install Kit which consisted of the special spline lug nuts and wrench for$74.99. I got a bit lucky, and these wheels had just been purchased by someone else. When Sears tried to put the wheels on this dudes VW, they wouldn't fit. So they unmounted the tires and sold them to me for 50% discount. Jim Thistlewood had given me a 10% discount coupon before I went to Sears too. My final price for the wheels and install kit was $420.26 The tires are Michelin Pilot XGT H4 225/45 R17 High Performance All Season $150 each from

This Borla dual exhaust system was purchased from Competition Design in Salt Lake City, Utah. The $440.00 price tag was the cheapest at the time. The phone number for Competition Design is (801) 484-9812 The Borla Cat Back System comes with everything you need for a quick and easy installation and is something you can do yourself. The only tricky part is cutting the rear bumper fascia for the right pipe placement. Borla does include a template similar to the one below to make that easy as well.

Instructions for Removing Rear Wiper Blade and Motor Assembly

      Remove the rear wiper arm nut cap.
      Remove the wiper arm retaining nut.
      The wiper arm should lift off the pivot. If it is to tight to lift off easily, use a battery terminal puller to remove it.
      Remove body trim panels from inside of the liftgate beginning with the Chmsl cover, then the two side panels and finally the Liftgate panel. All of these panels are secured by clips and only need to be gently lifted straight up. One plastic push pin under the latch needs to be removed.
      Disconnect the motor wiring harness connector.
      Remove the 3 bolts to the rear of the wiper motor and remove motor. You may have to push from the outside and pull from the inside.
      Remove the two rubber grommets. This will leave you with a plain hole in the glass.

This is What I Did to Fill the Hole

      Using a 1 1/4" hole saw and a drill press, I cut a plastic circle plug out of a pair of sunglasses. It filled the hole in the back window pretty good and the color matched perfectly.
      Cleaned up both surfaces to be bonded.
      Placed a piece of Duct Tape behind the hole from the inside to support the plug.
      Using epoxy, I glued the plug into the hole and then immediately cleaned off the excess using a rag wet with acetone . I covered the area with a piece of tape to hold everything in place while the epoxy dried.
      After 1 1/2 hours I took the tape off and cleaned with ammonia and water. Then added a bit of clear silicone around the edge smoothing in with my finger. Again, I cleaned the area immediately with acetone.
        I am not finished yet. It will never be completely seamless, However it looks damn nice... *smile*

        Happy Cruisin'!

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